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Welcome to Enable Safety Solutions

We have built an enviable reputation as "can do safety specialists", who combine regionally inspired common-sense and a pragmatic approach with professional expertise and experience.

Step 1 – Enable Understanding

We will assess and report on your current safety operations. Get a simple overview of what you’re doing ...

Step 2 – Enable Control

We will support you to implement the Enable Improvement Strategy depending on your priorities and time frame. If ...

Step 3- Enable Sustainability

We will suggest a Partnership Package which best enables support for your business and suits your budget. Each ...

Enable Safety's Services

Advisory and Support for Management

Safety is not just all about systems and processes. It is also about organisational culture ...

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Safety Gap Analysis Review

Are you uncertain whether your Workplace and your safety system meets the required legislative standards? ...

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Safety for Small Business

Enable are a ‘Regionally based, Nationally Focused’ company. Whilst we have resolved some of the ...

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Safety Management for Contractors

Our pre-qualification system, developed so that you can demonstrate your health and safety capabilities to ...

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Safety Program Development

A health and wellness program can assist in the avoidance of injury and illness inside ...

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Safety Auditing

Enable Safety Solutions are industry leaders in the conduct of Audits. We are not just ...

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Site Safety Inspections

Workplace inspections have legal status, being an obvious part of the general duty of care. ...

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Emergency Response

Fire and Emergency Management is not a finger crossing exercise…have the “go to” professional emergency ...

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Legal and Operational Registers

As a business owner you have legal responsibilities to implement health and safety practices in ...

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Risk Management Safety Services

The best way to have an injury-free workplace is to get rid of potential safety ...

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Health And Wellness Programs

A health and wellness program can assist in the avoidance of injury and illness inside ...

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Independent Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing or Drug and Alcohol Screening is becoming increasingly important in the ...

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Independent Incident Investigation

Enable Safety Solutions advisors are trained ICAM Investigators and Lead Investigators and have performed Level ...

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Job Task Analysis

Job Task Analysis (JTA) or physical demands assessment, involves an examination and breakdown of the ...

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Manage Change Within Your Business

At Enable we understand that organisations must often change business strategies in accordance with economic ...

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About Enable Safety

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Enable Safety seeks a specific approach for each client to deliver solutions that make a difference, empowering our clients to achieve industry best practice.

Enable have built an enviable reputation and are the most sought after Health & Safety consultancy firm that brings customer satisfaction and exceptional results in every engagement. They are committed to building our business by establishing and maintaining lasting strategic relationships with our clients.

Integrity Without Compromise

Enable speaks the truth and assume best intent valuing trust above all else. They hold themselves and others accountable to the highest standards in all they say and do. Enable strives to be representatives of the future and will do their part to make workplaces safer, more sustainable and culturally aware. It is our privilege to help others on their safety journey and we do it wholeheartedly.


Bold and Decisive

We don’t shy away from the BIG issues, we have the courage to stand by our clients and face challenges together. Our decisions are based on information, data, experience and instincts. Momentum matters, because our greatest risk is standing still.

Understanding and Supportive

We take the time to learn about our clients needs and understand their concerns. We walk in our clients shoes and travel each step of their safety journey with them.  

Client Focused

We have built our business on the strength of our client engagement and professional partnerships. We will always push the boundaries in our thinking and actions in the best interests of the client to deliver outstanding results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would we pick your consultancy?

I am self-employed, do I need to prepare a SWMS or JSEA ?

Yes. Under the WHS acts and legislations at self-employed person is considered to be a PCBU. Under the ...

Why would I use a consultant when I can buy SWMS and plans off the shelf?

At Enable we don’t advocate a one solution fits all approach. The legislation is clear and if we ...

Can I afford Enable’s prices?

Essentially our prices vary depending on what our clients require. For an indication see our Packages. We will ...

What is a Site WHS management plan?

A WHS management plan is a written plan that sets out the arrangements for managing some site health ...

Do I have to purchase your Packages?

No of course not. We have packaged our most common requests together to make it more affordable for ...

What does my organisation need to do to comply with WHS laws?

Under the work health and safety (WHS) laws your organisation it must ensure, so far as is reasonably ...

What is reasonably practicable?

Safe Work Australia provides guidance on the interpretation and application of the term ‘reasonably practicable’ in considering the ...

How is ‘reasonably practicable’ defined?

In this context, reasonably practicable means that which is, or was at a particular time, reasonably able to ...

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