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Your workers’ safety is not optional. It’s everyone’s business to create a safe and healthy workplace.

Starting, managing and growing a business is as challenging as it is rewarding without having to try to negotiate the Health and Safety requirements along the way. Our mission is to offer the network, advice and solutions you need to succeed. An Enable Partnership means you’re not alone.

Our focus is to ensure that we offer your company as many possible solutions as we can because we know all of your businesses are different and have different needs. Generally our clients want one of three options:

  1. A turnkey solution where we develop a comprehensive safety system that meets our clients needs. This is achieved with a Partnership Package and is completed by experts at a fraction of the cost of our competition.
  2. Specific Solutions (e.g. Incident Investigations, H&S Management Plans, Contractor Prequalification etc;)
  3. Outsourcing staff. Utilising outsourced services makes good financial sense: your business gains the flexibility to meet increased workloads or cover temporary staff absences, and help avoid the costs and demands of recruiting. Our consultants can work with your business to provide Health and Safety advice and support if you do not have a dedicated safety person, add expertise to your existing safety staff and can train and mentor less experienced staff or managers.

Working together we can create a safer work environment. Our Monthly Subscription Enable Partnerships make it easy through online tools, checklists and advice through affordable safety budgets for your business.

Enable Partnership Elements
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Annual Business Safety Health check which incorporates the following:
Legislative Compliance Audit
Gap Analysis AS 4801:Occupational Health and Management Systems
Comprehensive Workplace Inspection
Development of customised Policy and Procedures identified as missing or lacking in the Business Safety Health Check
Development of Safety Modules (with client input) – Training Register, Chemicals Register, SWMS, Contractor Register, Incident Management System, Corrective Actions Register etc.
Development of Safety Management Plan based on AS4801 Standards
Development of Forms and Tools Manual
Loading of Online WHS Automated Safety System
Initial staff training in system use
Monitoring and Review of Safety Management system.
Executive Report Monthly Safety Performance
Monthly Workplace Inspection
One day per month in Workplace to attend to safety functions
WHS Phone Support per month 1 hour 2 hours 4 hours Unlimited Unlimited
Emergency Management Plan customised for Business
1 x Incident Investigation (ICAM) per annum (up to 3 days – Accommodation and Transport shall be extra.)
Safe Work Method Statements 2 p.a. 4 p.a. 6 p.a. 6 p.a.
Toolboxes 2 p.a. 4 p.a. 6 p.a. 6 p.a.
Development of Online Inductions
Loyalty discount for Year 2 and Year 3 Packages N/A 7.5% 10% 10% 20% 10% 20% 10% 20%

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