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At Enable we don’t advocate a one solution fits all approach. The legislation is clear and if we were to discuss the most important parts of the legislation they would be the requirement to utilise a risk-based methodology to implement the appropriate controls in your workplace and secondly the importance of consulting and communicating with your employees. We know that there are off the shelf solutions. Some not bad, some horrible! We also know that some consultants utilise these tools and rebrand them etc and charge horrendous fees. For us, the most important issue is ensuring that we work with businesses to ensure that they are as safe as is reasonably practicable. This means we design bespoke solutions with you our clients. We help you implement them and we monitor the results to ensure you get the right outcome. Interestingly we don’t seem to charge any additional fees. So you be the judge. Most business owners have told us that they would rather get the benefit of experts in this area rather than ‘guess’ whether they have it right. Generally, our clients start by requesting a health and safety check of their business to see where they stand. When they see that we do this thoroughly and give them honest feedback, they inevitably want us to then write policies and procedures and develop a system that meets their business requirements. See our Packages tab on the home page for more information and as usual feel free to give us a call.