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Like you, at Enable, we understand that not all consultancies are created equal. We know that there are a number of good consultants out there to choose from. This is good for our industry and good for the safety of Australian workers. However, unfortunately this is not always the case. So, the key is what makes us better or different?
Over the past few years Australia has undergone some of the largest construction projects ever undertaken. It was our consultancy that Australia’s blue-chip companies turned to when they wanted these high-profile, high-risk projects completed safely. Projects such as the $73 billion Gorgon Project, $49 billion Wheatstone Project, Nyrstar’s Transformation Project in Port Pirie and numerous others.

We have succeeded because we have taken extremely complex projects and offered simple solutions.
At Enable we don’t just talk the talk. Nor have we learned about safety through text books or learning on the job at your expense. We have hand-picked some of Australia’smost experienced and highly competent safety professionals from a number of industries. These people have plied their trade at the highest-level and now as a team we will make this experience available to businesses of all sizes.

Whether you are a small business of one, or a company of hundreds, we can tailor solutions to help you out at a price that is highly affordable.

At Enable we believe that the future of our business depends on employing smart people, using easy to use technology and being honest and transparent in all we do. There will be no surprises with pricing and you will get Australia’s premier team at a price that may well surprise you!

So go ahead, what have you got to lose? Give us a call for a no obligation chat. We think you’ll be glad you did!