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How is ‘reasonably practicable’ defined?

In this context, reasonably practicable means that which is, or was at a particular time, reasonably able to be done to ensure health and safety, taking into account and weighing up all relevant matters including: (a) the likelihood of the hazard or the risk concerned occurring (b) the degree of harm that might result from

What is reasonably practicable?

Safe Work Australia provides guidance on the interpretation and application of the term ‘reasonably practicable’ in considering the standard of health and safety that a person conducting a business or undertaking (the duty-holder) is expected to meet under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act and Regulations. ‘Reasonably practicable’ is used to qualify duties to

What does my organisation need to do to comply with WHS laws?

Under the work health and safety (WHS) laws your organisation it must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all of its workers, including volunteers. This means that the organisation must provide the same protections to its volunteer workers as it does to its paid workers. The protection covers the

Do I have to purchase your Packages?

No of course not. We have packaged our most common requests together to make it more affordable for clients. Especially for businesses with less than 50 people. Often these businesses can’t afford a full-time safety professional but still have a significant safety workload. Our most expensive package is still less than 50% of a full-time

What is a Site WHS management plan?

A WHS management plan is a written plan that sets out the arrangements for managing some site health and safety matters. The intention of a WHS management plan is to ensure the required processes are in place to manage the risks associated with a complex construction project, as there are usually many contractors and subcontractors

Can I afford Enable’s prices?

Essentially our prices vary depending on what our clients require. For an indication see our Packages. We will talk with you about what you require. There’s no heavy salesand there are no hidden surprises or costs with Enable – the costs are fixed and don’tchange and all the services and products listed are included in

Why would I use a consultant when I can buy SWMS and plans off the shelf?

At Enable we don’t advocate a one solution fits all approach. The legislation is clear and if we were to discuss the most important parts of the legislation they would be the requirement to utilise a risk-based methodology to implement the appropriate controls in your workplace and secondly the importance of consulting and communicating with

I am self-employed, do I need to prepare a SWMS or JSEA ?

Yes. Under the WHS acts and legislations at self-employed person is considered to be a PCBU. Under the OH&S Acts and legislation, a self-employed person must comply with the requirements as if that person were an employer.

Why would we pick your consultancy?

Like you, at Enable, we understand that not all consultancies are created equal. We know that there are a number of good consultants out there to choose from. This is good for our industry and good for the safety of Australian workers. However, unfortunately this is not always the case. So, the key is what