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Health and Safety for the Nursery and Garden Industry

The most common injuries affecting plant nursery workers are sprains and strains to the lower back and shoulders caused by manual handling. These can be painful for the worker and each claim can cost the business an average of $5000.

Did you know? If you are a host employer with labour hire workers you must treat labour hire workers and other contractors the same as your own workers: provide and maintain a safe working environment and conditions.

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We provide advice and can set up safety systems and processes on issues effecting plant nurseries, including:

  • manual handling
  • sun exposure and heat stress
  • exposure to hazardous chemicals and changing to GHS
  • working safely near machinery or plant
  • working with forklifts

Every year people are seriously injured or killed while doing tree work. Most people injured have extensive experience in tree work.Tree work includes activities such as lopping, pruning, thinning, felling and removal of trees.

Common causes of injuries include falls from heights, being struck by falling objects, working around power lines, musculoskeletal disorders, exposure to noise, working with equipment and sun exposure.

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