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Ensuring your Health and Safety stacks up!

In 2016, 8,200 WorkCover claims were lodged in the Warehousing & Transport sector, or put another way this equates to 14.4 claims per 1,000 employees. It equates to 7.8% of the total claims made, costing the Australian economy approximately $4.8 billion.
Which part would you like to pay?

At Enable our consultants have significant experience in the Warehousing & Transport sectors.
We would urge you to call us today so that we can work together to determine the appropriate solutions for your workplace. Our consultants are experts in:
• Forklifts
• Materials storage
• Manual Handling / Lifting
• Chemicals / MSDS etc;
• Ergonomics
• Emergency Plans / Fire Safety Provisions
• Lockout / Tagout
• Workplace Inspection / Hazard Assessment
• Annual Pallet Racking Inspection
• Slips / Trips / Falls
• Development of Traffic Management Plans / Warehousing Signage

Call us today and forge a partnership with Australia’s premier Health & Safety consultants. Together we can stop the costs of doing nothing from stacking up!

Organisations have a duty to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, workers and others are not exposed to health and safety risks. This duty includes; implementing control measures to prevent people being injured by moving vehicles at the workplace, reducing the numbers of slips, trips & falls, as well as manual handling incidents.

These types of incidents alone represent about 84% of all occurrences in warehouses and cost the Australian community almost $4 billion.
Are we the only ones who think this is a travesty?

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