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Health and Safety for the Retail and Fast Food Industries

The retail sector is an integral part of our workforce, with employers ranging in size from small shop owners through to large department stores.

The retail industry is a large employer of people who are at a higher risk of injury such as young, inexperienced and casual staff. Employers need to consider age and experience as specific factors when identifying hazards and controlling risks in the workplace.Specific attention should be given to the training and supervision of young people in the workplace to ensure they have the information they need to work safely. We can provide inductions designed specifically for young workers or come into your store and facilitate face to face inductions for you.

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Handling boxes, cartons and other objects account for 53 percent of manual handling-related injuries in clothing retail stores, with ladders responsible for 21 percent of slips, trips and falls injuries.One of the easiest ways to keep staff safe is to follow basic housekeeping practices – that is making sure in-store and back-of-store areas are free from clutter.Safe stock management practices also need to be followed. This includes minimising excess stock or items left lying around.

Staff should not lift stock from ground level onto shelves, as it puts an increased strain on their body. Instead, an elevated work surface, such as a trolley or table can be used.The use of unsafe A-frame ladders also poses a danger. The only way to access stock or display at height is by using an appropriate platform-style ladder.

Watch this short video to Learn from the experiences of these two workplaces in identifying and controlling risks.

Storage systems often support heavy or unstable loads that can fall and injure workers. We will come into your store and complete a Workplace Inspection to identify these and advise on practical control measures to eliminate these risks.

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Injuries associated with manual handling and slips, trips and fallsand working in food areas account for more than half of all injuries in the retail industry. These injuries can arise from tasks that involve lifting, lowering, stock carrying, ladder use, unsafe storage, poor maintenance, stoves, deep fryers, use of knives, mixers and slicers with the face, lower back, hands, arms, shoulders, knees, ankles and wrists being the areas most affected. Enable safe work practices and call us for training of your staff and manual handling safer alternatives.

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