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Health and Safety for the Trades and Services Industries

Enable cares about the safety of all workplaces irrespective of the size or location. We have worked in some of the most remote locations imaginable with workforces ranging from one all the way to 5500 personnel. 

We give every client our best and we have forged some of our best partnerships with small businesses.

We have developed numerous custom packages for small businesses. Some of the issues we have been asked to deal with are as follows:P

Housing Construction: Injuries to construction workers on smaller building projects have reduced in recent years. However, a number of serious issues continue to affect these workers.

Manual tasks and moving objects are the cause of many injuries on house construction sites. Overexertion in lifting is the most common and costly manual handling injury, while poor housekeeping and congested walkways are also commonplace on many house construction sites.

Construction workers risk serious injury or even death when working at heights, and these risks are greatest when there are openings e.g. voids for staircases which workers can fall through.  You need to address voids in site management plans and inductions, and ensure constant supervision. Encourage the use of void covers with those most at risk.

This voids in house construction safety alert highlights how easy it is to fall through openings on construction sites.

Enable Solutions can help your business by conducting quick Workplace Inspections and showing how easy it is to prevent injury to your workers by planning ahead and using some simple processes for moving materials safely onsite and providing guidance on how to prevent falls using simple void protection – temporary stairs and void covers and installing timber wallframes and guard rails safely.

We can also develop Construction Safety Management Plans specific to your project and work with you during planning stages to develop systems and processes to reduce the risks of slips, trips and falls, etc;

Let us build your safety system

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We have developed a tradie pack for small subcontractors (up to 10 workers) working in the residential construction sector.  If you’re a small subcontractor, this pack can help you to meet your work health and safety responsibilities and assist you to ensure a safer site. Authorities, clients and principal contractors may require evidence of your Health and Safety system. If you use this pack as it is intended, you will always be able to provide the necessary documents. All you need is a Smartphone or IPad.

Don't wrestle anymore with paperwork in the ute.

Or worse still, have no system on site at all! Call us on 0488 152 451 and we can cover your assets.

Cleaning: Working with Chemicals and Manual handling is part of the job for cleaners, but in certain circumstances it can be hazardous and cause injuries and illness. Employers must take action to eliminate or reduce the risk associated with chemicals and hazardous manual handling, usually by modifying the way work is performed, or by providing aids, chemical alternatives and equipment that makes it safer.

To address this, Enable SafetySolutions has developed a safe system of work for the cleaning industry. The process has practical step by step procedures to control workplace hazards and exposure to risks.

By undertaking a Job Task Analysis in your business we will be able to identify these hidden hazards and provide you with information about the potential consequences and ways to eliminate or reduce the risk of injury. 

Cleaning is hard and often unrewarding work.

Don't make it any harder than it already is. Let us help you with your Health and Safety mess.

Motor Vehicle Repairs and Servicing: The most common type of injuries in motor vehicle repair and servicing workshops are caused by performing hazardous manual handling tasks, equipment and tools. Injuries occur from handling heavy or awkward objects, heavy lifting, and prolonged or sustained work in awkward postures, fatigue, and inappropriate use of equipment and tools often resulting in painful injuries to the face, arms,hands, shoulder,lower back and knees. These injuries happen during all types of motor vehicle repairs, servicing, maintenance and installation work.

The risks from this type of work can be avoided.

To address this, Enable Safety Solutions has developed a safe system of work for the motor vehicle repairs and servicing industry. The systems, processes and procedures have been developed to ensure that your businesses accreditation requirements and licencing agreements are met.

To make your workshop as safe as can be

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By undertaking a Job Task Analysis and Workplace Inspection in your business we will be able to identify the hazards and provide you with information about the potential consequences and ways to eliminate or reduce the risk of injury. We provide guidance and awareness training to help employers and workers in the automotive repair industry avoid the risk of exposure to asbestos dust while doing repairs to brakes, clutches and high temperature gaskets on motor vehicles.

Glass and GlazingIf you work in glass and glazing, beaware of common hazards and how to avoid injury.Common hazards include:

  • loading and unloading glass from shipping containers, particularly those with closed tops
  • loading and unloading vehicles or timber packaging, where glass may have moved during freight
  • beinghit by falling glass due to unsafe lifting techniques
  • not using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • moving,handling and storing glass sheets.

Tips to stay safe when storing and handling glass sheets can be found in the safety alert, Storing and handling glass sheets.

We can visit your workplace complete a Workplace Inspection and provide guidance on handling glass safely, appropriate racking for glass storage, how to reducing manual handling of glass and what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is appropriate for handling glass.

Don't let safety be a pane!

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