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Emergency Rescue Plans

High Risk workplaces and activities required an Emergency Rescue Plan to be developed in addition to the Emergency Management Plan that is designed specifically for the workplace and/or activity. These include:

  • workplaces with confined spaces
  • workplaces that use fall arrest harness systems
  • Major Hazard Facilities and mines
  • Workplaces that handle or manage asbestos
  • Workplaces that store or handle hazardous chemicals
  • Workplaces that carry out demolition and refurbishment sites.

No-one can predict when an emergency is going to take place that requires a rescue to be undertaken. We will identify a series of possible scenarios and create a proactive and appropriate response for each. These scenarios when rehearsed will help workers to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency. We are able to train your workers and test responses to identify improvement opportunities and reduce response times where possible.

Enable Safety Solutions are the “go to” of the emergency services. Our specialist consultant has extensive first hand experience in fire and rescue. Make him your “go to” today!

High risk activities require appropriate planning and preparation.

Don't leave it until the last minute or you will get caught out!