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Health and Safety Registers

A WHS management system will contain various registers and records, and this will depend on the type of work being conducted. The following registers and records should be considered. This list is not exhaustive but is a good starting point for records which may be needed.

Some of these are mandated under legislation.

Records of the following are best held in a Register:

  • risk assessments (including general risk assessments as well as risk assessments specific to particular activities or processes)
  • hazards that have been reported
  • Lifting Gear
  • Electrical Testing and Tagging
  • Ladders
  • WHS consultation meetings with workers
  • training conducted internally and externally, including attendance registers
  • investigations of near misses, incidents, and accidents
  • people trained in first aid
  • maintenance schedules and maintenance conducted
  • WHS inspections conducted
  • personal protective equipment issued
  • emergency evacuation drills conducted
  • health monitoring conducted, and the results of these
  • workplace environmental monitoring
  • confined space entry (including entry permits and risk assessments)
  • hazardous chemicals held on site, which include safety data sheets (including registers of hazardous chemicals held by contractors or others on site)
  • plant and equipment, including electrical equipment
  • dangerous goods held on site
  • people holding high risk work licences, certificates of competency and other skills.
  • hot work permits for hot work conducted
  • WHS documentation prepared
  • purchasing where WHS implications have been considered
  • subcontractors WHS management systems
  • WHS system review (internal review and external review)
  • work related injuries and illnesses

To Enable simple completion of these records we have an online software solution. The online software solution can be used on any mobile device and includes real time reporting of maintenance and faults, incidents, completion of registers, checklists and risk assessments and other forms and can reduce your paperwork by up to 80%. In addition to this notifications and reports are able to be generated with ease and the functionality of SMS and email contact for messages to vessels and teams is instant.

An easy method for keeping your registers updated.

Use our online system and an Ipad or smartphone to keep on top of your business.