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Safe Work Method Statements

A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) must be understandable to those who use it and should outline all the steps for the work to be undertaken, the hazards and risks associated with the work and the control measures and how they will be implemented, monitored and reviewed.

A copy must be available for inspection and readily accessible to workers until the work is completed, or for at least two years if there is a notifiable incident. The SWMS must be reviewed and, if necessary, revised when control measures are changed after a notifiable incident.

There are many generic SWMS on the market, however are generally not specific to the work being undertaken and therefore leaving you exposed, should an incident occur.

We develop SWMS specific to the needs of your business that into account all relevant matters, including circumstances that may affect the work and work health and safety management plans that may be prepared in connection with a construction project.

What do I need to know about Safety in the Construction Industry?

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