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Advisory and Support for Management

Safety is not just all about systems and processes. It is also about organisational culture and individual behaviour.

We provide advice and support for managers and supervisors who are directly responsible for work health and safety within their job description. In today’s workplace if you are not working safely – then you’re not meeting your job description or legal requirements.

Enable Safety Solutions aims to equip your managers and supervisors with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply the principles of the relevant Health and Safety legislation, other external obligations and licence requirements and risk management strategies as an integral part of the workplace. We also mentor and assist in the development of programs that promote a positive Health and Safety Culture to enable managers to effectively manage workplace health and safety in their areas of responsibility.

Our Consultants are experts in their field and are passionate about safety. They will work with you to design programs that integrates seamlessly with your existing structures. We will support your workplace rather than trying to re-invent it.

A successful safety program will deliver both long and short term benefits. The main aim is to ensure sustained results and continual improvement. Also to make safety awareness and compliance an inherent part of your company culture. We can also provide support, guidance, coaching and mentoring on an ongoing basis. Make sure you Minimise and Manage your risk.

Mentoring and Professional Coaching

Let us help you get the best from your people!