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Fire and Emergency Response and Recovery Management

Fire and Emergency Management is not a finger crossing exercise…have the “go to professional" that emergency services use look after your planning and assist you should an event occur.

Enable Safety Solutions provides a comprehensive service to facilitate the introduction of On Site and Off Site Fire and Emergency Management Plans and Business Recovery Plans within an organisation. Security is included as an element of these plans.

These services include provision of personnel to identify exposures and develop written site specific emergency response procedures for inclusion in your businesses On Site Emergency Management Plans.

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These On Site Plans are typically introduced in the initial stage of our comprehensive Emergency Management Arrangements training programme for circulation to Emergency Control Organisation for review and comment.

A Business Recovery Plan details actions and resources required to support the continuation of business following a major interruption. A Business Recovery Plan is dependent upon written and practised On Site Emergency Management Plans.

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Major business interruption can occur through events such as fire, storm damage and other exposures that are identified within the On Site Emergency Management Plans.

We will assist you through the process that leads to effective On Site Emergency Management by:

  • Establishing an Emergency Management Policy
  • Establishing an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)
  • Identifying emergency types (hazards identification and risk assessment)
  • Providing formal training for ECO members
  • Establishing an Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) for selected ECO members
  • Developing Building Fire and Emergency Plans
  • Developing written emergency response procedures
  • Carrying out a table top exercise
  • Arranging Scenario Practicing with the Emergency Services
  • Updating the emergency response procedures as appropriate
  • Providing on-going management and practices (EPC responsibility)

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Proper Prevention and Planning

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