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Health and Safety for Small Business

Are you a small business with no safety system who worries about your legal position?

Enable are a ‘Regionally based, Nationally Focused’ company. Whilst we have resolved some of the most complex safety issues on the biggest projects in Australian history, we also inherently understand the issues confronting many small to medium sized businesses in regional areas.

Problems such as tyranny of distance, lack of staff, particularly designated safety personnel, resources, budgets, and access to technology all make it difficult to compete as a regional business whilst still meeting legislative requirements. Whether we have the resources or not, Work Health and Safety legislation requires you to ensure your workplace is safe. Not just for you and your staff, but also for other people, such as customers, visitors or tradespeople who visit your workplace.

To ensure you fulfil your obligation for a safe workplace, you need to become aware of what can cause harm and then take action to ensure no one is at risk while they are in your workplace.

At Enable we understand that you do not have the time to research safety requirements and we also understand that this is the reason that many businesses don’t have any safety systems at all.

Subsequently, Enable has developed Small Business Health and Safety Solutions for businesses who have no safety system in place or don’t have the resources to develop their fundamentals. Our solution is to send one of our consultants to your business for up to 4 hours – longer if you require. They will tailor a solution for you by:

Discussing health and safety issues at your workplace

  • Providing advice to you on how to develop and implement your own safety management system
  • Helping you to devise a safety action plan and solutions to manage work health and safety hazards
  • Providing guidance to help you with potential solutions for work health and safety issues.

We recognise that every business and every owner is different with different requirements. We therefore understand that one solution does not suit everybody. We will take the time to learn about your business and adjust our safety solution to best fit your needs.

We will provide advice on how to manage safety, consult with your workers and what documentation you may need. Our consultant will provide you with a Safety Action Plan/Report which provides you with a priority list of what issues the consultant believes need to be addressed, and provides advice on how to go about addressing these issues in a staged cost-effective manner.

Don’t leave yourself unprotected. No matter how small your business let us find a safety solution which will enable you to do what you do best!

If you are planning on making improvements to workplace safety through purchasing of equipment, you may be eligible to apply for the small business rebate. Contact us today to find out how.

You never find anyone who cares as much about your business as you.

Until now!