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Job Task Analysis

Job Task Analysis (JTA) or physical demands assessment, involves an examination and breakdown of the skills and demands specific to a particular task or duties within the workplace.

There are many benefits of having a Job Task Analysis completed for your business which include:

Gaining an understanding of the physical requirements of each task and the inherent physical demands of a position which can assist with accurate pre-employment testing when recruiting new workers

  • Providing the context or details of the environment the worker work in
  • Identification of the hazards and risks involved with a task
  • Understanding what skills and knowledge the worker needs to undertake the task
  • Understanding of the performance standards required of the worker to complete the task
  • Streamlining rehabilitation and return to work by giving useful information to identify specific suitable duties available.

A task analysis increases productivity, streamlines work processes, and clarifies every aspect of a task. This, inevitably, reduces the number of errors that are made in the workplace. If a business takes the time to, in essence, dissect their processes and break them down into easily digestible elements, then workers have the opportunity to explore every component at length. If they are struggling with a specific step they can pinpoint what they are doing wrong and how they can improve, without having to first identify which step is causing the issue.

This process also gives you the opportunity to improve the procedures that you currently have in place and identify their weaknesses. If you find that a specific task is outdated or not making the best use of resources, then you can modify or add steps, rearrange the stages of the process, or even eliminate the procedure altogether.

A task analysis gives you the power to identify every skill, piece of information, and talent that workers must master. Though it may take time and resources, learning as much as possible about the task analysis process can significantly reduce risk to your business.

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