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Manage Change within your business

At Enable we understand that organisations must often change business strategies in accordance with economic and market conditions. To make this transition as effective and efficient as possible we assist clients in developing and implementing change management plans designed to achieve the best results even during periods of uncertainty. We understand that successful change management involves ensuring those that are impacted are provided the support to adapt and work effectively in any new environment.

We believe the underlying basis of change management is each person’s capacity to change, and this can be significantly influenced by how new concepts and ideas are presented. Our consultants work with senior leadership teams to design and implement programs that support personnel in adapting to new environments by using a consultative, people focussed bottom up approach to change management. As an example, the proven and effective process we apply involves:

  • Planning
  • Governance
  • Leadership commitment
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Alignment of the workforce
  • measuring effectiveness, monitoring, review
  • Identifying improvement initiatives
  • Planning

If you would like to discuss how Enable Safety Solutions can assist during times of change please contact one of our offices to arrange a meeting with one of our consultants

Manage Change within your business

Identifying improvement initiatives