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Operational Competency Review

At Enable we work with you to perform a safety training needs analysis to establish what training is required for each employee to perform their role safely. The safety training needs analysis will enable the business to identify any training gaps relevant to an employee’s role while considering the changing needs of the workplace. A training needs analysis involves analysing all aspects of work, including:

  • the work environment;
  • the jobs people do; and
  • the relevant skills and knowledge required of each person at work

After this information is collected you will be able to begin to plan the completion of training required to fulfil duty of care, legislative and internal compliance requirements.

We offer tailored health and safety training solutions to satisfy the growing number of legislative requirements to which your business must comply. We can deliver to small groups or provide the tools for you to carry out your own sessions depending on your requirements.

Enable also maintains a close relationship with registered Australian training organisations (RTOs) to provide nationally recognised training delivered under the Australian national quality training framework.

We support clients to conduct Verification of Competency (VOC) assessments. The verification of competency assessment process ensures workers and contractors continue to be appropriately qualified to perform their assigned tasks during the entire project life. The VOC assessment involves both a written knowledge assessment and a practical assessment. Personnel are required to have competency in both components to be eligible for a verification of competency card.