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Workplace Inspections

If you are not sure whether your Workplace meets the legislative requirements than please call us and we will conduct a thorough Workplace Assessment for you.

Workplace inspections have legal status, being an obvious part of the general duty of care.
Workplace inspections on their own will not guarantee that a workplace is free from hazards that may cause injury. They must be used in combination with other safety and health management processes for good safety performance.
Inspections are necessary to:

  • identify aspects of the working environment and work tasks that could contribute to injury/damage – and thus allow unacceptable conditions or conduct to be addressed;
  • review workplace standards in accordance with legal and company requirements; and
  • provide a systematic means, for those who are at risk of injury, to help control the working conditions.

Inspections are an essential element in hazard reduction because issues are identified, assessed, fixed or reported. In this way risks are reduced and thus the workplace is safer.

Enable has a number of consultants that have significant expertise and experience who can provide you with an unbiased yet informed inspection of your site.

Using a tailored assessment tool, they will look at how your business is complying with its obligations under Health and Safety Legislation. We will provide you with a detailed Workplace Inspection Report which identifies deficiencies and provides suggestions and recommendations to correct those shortcomings. We provide a Priority Action Plan in Word and Pdf formats as well as a PowerPoint Presentation for use at your next Management Meeting.

We are keen to discuss your requirements. Contact us today to find out how we can help…

It is your duty to provide a safe workplace!

Have you?