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Health and Safety for the Nursery and Garden Industry

The most common injuries affecting plant nursery workers are sprains and strains to the lower back and shoulders caused by manual handling. These can be painful for the worker and each claim can cost the business an average of $5000.

Health and Safety for the Marine Industry

The marine environment can be a difficult and unforgiving one. Whether it be a container loading site, a refit yard or at sea, it demands the best of all of us and therefore the standards of marine safety need to be just as uncompromising.

Health & Safety For The Construction Industry

Is your construction site safe? Are you compliant with all of the appropriate legislation? Our team of construction safety consultants is comprised of top-level experts in the safety industry. As outlined in other sections of the website we have managed Health, Safety and Environment on multibillion dollar projects for some of the world’s premier companies.

Health and Safety for Farms

In 2016 there were 44 fatalities in the farming sector or put another way 14.0 fatalities per 100,000 workers. Agriculture also had the unfortunate stigma of leading the way with serious compensation claims with 3,510 claims during the period.

Cranes Health And Safety

Enable Safety Solutions has gained a reputation for being the leader in Health and Safety Services for Crane Companies. If you own, hire, lease, handle, store, transport, maintain or manage the use of a crane in the workplace our team is able to provide services, meaningful advice and solutions specifically relevant to your needs.

Retail and fast food health and safety

We can develop systems, processes and procedures and help you put controls in place to protect your workers and reduce workplace injuries. We also have a Workplace Health Program that gives you all the tools, resources and support you need to develop a simple yet effective workplace health program.

Health and safety for Electrical industry

Electricity is a constant hazard in many workplaces and has the risk to potentially injure or kill a person.

Health and Safety for Local Government

Local government (councils) sector provides a wide range of services to their local communities either directly or through contractors.

Health and Safety for the Earthmoving Industry

Earthmoving equipment covers a broad range of load-shifting or other machinery often used for site preparation, excavation, trenching, tunnelling, demolition or roadworks in the construction industry.

Health and Safety for the Warehousing and Storage Industries

Did you know workers in warehousing have a higher than average chance of being seriously injured at work?