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Operational Competency Review

At Enable we work with you to perform a safety training needs analysis to establish what training is required for each employee to perform their role safely. The safety training needs analysis will enable the business to identify any training gaps relevant to an employee’s role while considering the changing needs of the workplace.

Occupational Noise Management

Too much noise at work can lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss, or tinnitus – ringing in the ears. Hearing damage can occur from extended exposure to noise, or from a sudden explosive sound.Over the past four years more than 10,000 workers have been affected by noise-related injuries in NSW workplaces, with more than

Non-Compliance Support and Corrective Action Development

Regulator Inspectors have legislated powers to enter your workplace during working hours, or when there is an immediate risk to anyone, to assess compliance with health and safety laws.

Manage Change Within Your Business

At Enable we understand that organisations must often change business strategies in accordance with economic and market conditions. To make this transition as effective and efficient as possible we assist clients in developing and implementing change management plans designed to achieve the best results even during periods of uncertainty.

Job Task Analysis

Job Task Analysis (JTA) or physical demands assessment, involves an examination and breakdown of the skills and demands specific to a particular task or duties within the workplace.

Independent Incident Investigation

Enable Safety Solutions advisors are trained ICAM Investigators and Lead Investigators and have performed Level 3 Incident Investigations for Chevron, BHP Billiton, and numerous other resources companies.

Independent Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing or Drug and Alcohol Screening is becoming increasingly important in the workplace as the impact of alcohol and other recreational drug use can present a serious risk to health and safety.

Health And Wellness Programs

A health and wellness program can assist in the avoidance of injury and illness inside and outside the workplace and contribute to enhancing productivity for any organisation working within any industry. We can work with you to develop, implement and maintain an effective wellness program designed to get the best out of your workforce every

Risk Management Safety Services

The best way to have an injury-free workplace is to get rid of potential safety problems, ideally at the design or planning stage. If you can’t eliminate the problem completely, you need to minimise the risk to your workers.

Legal and Operational Registers

As a business owner you have legal responsibilities to implement health and safety practices in your workplace as soon as you start your business. You need to ensure that your business doesn’t create health and safety problems for your workers, contractors, volunteers, visitors, customers or the public.